Sweet Husband Floods Hospital With Flowers Every Day For Wife Fighting COVID-19.

Kay Pelican hasn’t been able to hug or kiss his wife, Chenella, in weeks, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t found other ways to make her feel loved.

Chenella has been fighting COVID-19 at Louisiana’s Lafayette General Medical Center since early August. She’s also been on the receiving end of daily romantic gestures from the man who can’t wait to hold her again.

Kay hates not being able to visit his wife, but, he figured, he could still be there for her in spirit. Starting on August 5, he began sending colorful flowers to cheer her up. So far, he’s had more than 12 bouquets delivered to the hospital! While Chenella can’t speak right now, she expresses her appreciation with a nod. And she’s not the only one who looks forward to them! Kay’s gifts, which are delivered by nurses, always brighten their day.

“While it always brings a smile to one’s face to see that a patient received flowers from a loved one, it is overwhelming to walk into a room and see this enormous amount of love — in the form of roses,” said ICU manager Michelle Broussard. “In the midst of uncertainty, love really does prevail. This man’s love for his wife has been so healing to our weary nurses.”

But the way Kay sees it, it’s simply an expression of how much he cares for Chenella.

“I’m not doing it daily for show,” he said. “That’s the woman that I’ve been with for 20 years and been married to for 19. I do things like that because we’ve been together so long and it means so much to her and means so much to me.”

Chenella isn’t out of the woods just yet, but Kay says she’s getting better each day. He hopes she’ll be able to come home in time to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary on September 8. But even if she doesn’t, he’ll keep sending his love in the form of flowers. Keep fighting, Chenella! We’re rooting for you!

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