Teacher Repeats 1 Phrase To “Disturbed” Student Everyday, Her Kind Words Changed His Life Forever.

Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to have a truly special teacher knows what a gift they can be. A good teacher does more than simply teach the curriculum, a good teacher shows students they are capable of more than they realize, leaving students more confident and capable by the end of the year than they were before.

We told you about the brilliant teacher whose “Juju on that Beat” parody engaged students in an adorable and engaging way, and we told you about the woman who was so determined to teach that she wouldn’t let Down Syndrome stop her. Now we’re sharing the story of Chen Miller, a kind-hearted special education teacher from Israel.

In the video below, Chen Miller explains “how words can shift a child’s self image.” She tells the story of “a little boy with big eyes,” a student of hers who “cursed and spat and screamed” daily, convinced that he was “disturbed.”

His patient teacher didn’t argue or fight… and she certainly didn’t agree with him as it seems previous teachers had. Instead, she just said these words: “I know you have a big heart. I know that you’re clever. I know that you’re a good boy.”

Chen Miller continued to repeat this phrase to him every week until he began to believe the words for himself.

“There is no child that can’t, only a child that can,” the teacher tells her listeners, “Remember always that education is the forming of impressions on souls.”

Watch the video below to hear Chen Miller share her incredible story of how simple words can change a student’s life.

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