Toddler Begs To Go To Kroger Every Week To See His Best Friend.

You never know when you might run into a kindred spirit. Sometimes it even happens while checking out at the grocery store.

Busy mom Allyson watched this instant connection happen between her two-year-old son, Charlie, and a bagger at the local Kroger’s supermarket. A young woman named Erin was bagging their groceries when she spotted Charlie’s distinctive physical appearance and shyly asked if the boy has Downs syndrome.


When Allyson confirmed that Charlie does have Downs, Erin informed them that she, too has Downs. From there on out, Erin and Charlie were buddies. When Allyson happened to stop into the store the following week, Erin and Charlie picked up on their friendship right where they left off. Since then, they are sure to visit the store every Tuesday specifically so they can say hello to Erin.


“I can be across the store and she sees, and she waves and we say ‘hi.’ She’s kind to everyone, not just me,” Allyson said with a laugh. On most trips to the store, Erin lets Charlie help bag up their groceries at checkout. Other times she’ll take the little boy on a spin in a grocery cart, zipping up and down the aisles as Charlie squeals with glee.

Erin says that the minute she looked into Charlie’s eyes she recognized a kindred soul. “I felt a lot of connection when he was looking at me with his eyes. I could tell by his eyes that he’s connected to me,” she said.


Allyson says that just seeing Erin working hard and reaching out socially gives her hope for her own son’s future.

“Anytime you see any person with special needs, it’s always, to me, inspiring to see them in the workplace because it just proves to the rest of the world who might have any doubts or concerns that they can do that too,” Allyson said.


“It gives me hope for Charlie’s future of all the things he might be capable of.”

You just never know where you’ll meet your new best friend. We’re so happy that Erin and Charlie got to meet, and we hope their Tuesday Kroger ritual continues for many wonderful years of friendship.

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Toddler goes to Kroger every Tuesday to see his friend

She met little Charlie in the checkout lane and knew they had an unspoken bond.

Posted by Humankind Stories on Monday, February 4, 2019

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