Céline Dion Has James Corden Cracking Up Just Seconds Into Epic Carpool Karaoke.

celine dion james corden

When it comes to doing a TV segment with a diva like Céline Dion it’s best to stick to the motto, “go big, or go home.”

Céline has been taking the Las Vegas strip by force with her newest residency at Caesar’s Palace, but she took a break from her busy concert schedule to give her pal James Corden a hand with navigating the city. In a Carpool Karaoke segment that is swiftly going viral, we get a firsthand glimpse into what it’s like to hang with Céline, and let’s just say there’s never a dull moment!


As soon as Céline gets in the car she starts cracking jokes, keeping a straight face the entire time. She’s got a very dry delivery that belies the constant witticisms and snark she doles out liberally, and within seconds she has James laughing out loud. “I just have one day off a year,” she quips as she settles into the front seat. “So you happened to call me on that day.”

Céline maintains that dry wit as they begin their trip down the famous strip. She has a song for every topic; everything James says she turns into a song, even when he tries to stump her by mentioning a plumbing problem!

“Work work work work work,” she sings dryly, referencing the popular Rihanna song. James can’t stop laughing, and it’s incredible to see someone as famous as Céline being so silly and down to earth! Before too long they’ve delved into her own song catalog, belting out “Because You Love Me” with true passion.


When the conversation turns to Céline’s outrageously huge shoe collection we get to see more of her sense of humor. When asked how many shoes she has in her collection she sighs and says quietly, “Three thousand. Five thousand. I don’t know.”

James tells her he heard it was more like 10,000, and she admits he’s probably right. Where does one keep 10,000 shoes? “I have a place in Florida. Let’s call it a warehouse,” she says coyly.


As they drive around Vegas they often stop to greet fans, and after the shoe discussion, James shocks Céline by pulling out a few pairs that he intends to give away. The look on her face is hilarious! She seems absolutely devastated every time he pulls out a new pair of gorgeous heels. Even though she goes along with it and hands out the shoes to her excited fans, you can tell a little part of her is dying inside. She’s a good sport, though!

After the trauma of giving away three pairs of her beloved shoes, they sing her mega-hit “I Drove All Night” and a new song, “I Won’t Take It Lying Down.” Then it’s time for a finale worthy of one of the biggest divas in the industry, and as usual, James does not disappoint.


In honor of “My Heart Will Go On,” the multi-award winning hit from the “Titanic” soundtrack, James and Céline board a little boat in the middle of the famous Bellagio fountains. James, wearing a truly hysterical Leonardo DiCaprio wig, stands behind Céline as they serenade the thrilled onlookers. Can you imagine how cool it would be to be walking down the strip when Céline Dion shows up to sing her most famous song?


Céline’s appearance on Carpool Karaoke really highlighted what a fun lady she really is! She seems to genuinely appreciate her fans. We honestly had no idea that she was so funny in real life, but it makes us love her all the more.

Watch Céline and James taking on Vegas in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

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