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Give at risk dogs a home.

with Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Cause of the week – Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Emma was scheduled to be euthanized, then Flying Fur Animal Rescue saved the day! This video raises vital awareness for non-profit organizations like FFAR . Every time you share InspireMore stories, we donate to a non-profit organization. Share and spread the word today!

Posted by InspireMore on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Every year, 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters across the US. Of these, 1.8 million will be euthanized. Unsatisfied with this appalling figure, one man decided to make a difference.

Amy veteran Paul Steklenski founded the Flying Fur Animal Rescue with one goal in mind: save as many dogs as he could.

With his own funding, Paul obtained his pilot’s license and purchased a $70,000 plane to fly into areas overpopulated with stray dogs and bring them states where they’re more likely to be adopted.

In the last 3 years, Paul has saved thousands of pets from the grip of death.

It is a noble cause that deserves everyone’s respect! So help us give Flying Fur Animal Rescue the resources they need to continue their good work.  All you have to do is watch and share InspireMore stories. The more you do that, the more advertisers pay us, and the more we are able to give to this important cause! Get started today; let’s make a difference.

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