Kitten spies lonely dog in pet store, scales glass to make friends.

The lonely cat in the video below just couldn't take another moment away from his unlikely puppy friend, so he took the matter into his own paws. Desperate for some play time, this agile kitten overcomes the tall, clear barrier separating him and his puppy friend at JoLinn Pet House in Taiwan. Reaching the other side of the entire non-grip wall was not an easy feat for this vocal kitten, but staring at his friend through the class just wasn’t enough anymore. He knew he must overcome. And if you believe in the power of animal communication, you’ll want to check this video out, as the kitten is not to the only party involved in his stunt. The encouragement and almost aid the dog provides may have been just the boost the kitten needed to gain victory over the daunting wall. After reaching the corner of his own confinement, the kitten takes one strategic and adrenaline-pumping jump, which finally lands him in the space he’s been focused on for the entire ordeal and with a friend who is more than excited to get some one-on-one time with his feline partner in crime. Check out this kitty's daring escape below. Share with a friend who you love as much as this kitty and puppy love one another!

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