Burglars Toss Live Cat Into Freezing Canal, But 1 Man Refuses To Watch Her Die.

This heartbreaking incident happened last summer, but footage taken during the dramatic rescue was only recently made public, and the men involved are being hailed as heroes.

Cats Protection Atherton & Wigan, a group that works to rehome unwanted cats and kittens, posted the clip on its Facebook page earlier this week, explaining that the cat had been taken during a home burglary.

It’s anybody’s guess why the burglars took off with the elderly victim’s 15-year-old cat, but it’s the way they disposed of her that’s especially appalling. According to the post, an “evil person riding past was seen to throw the cat in a box into the water” behind a park in Manchester, England. But a group of men– complete strangers– working nearby rallied together to save the kitty’s life.


Stu Smith put a life buoy around his coworker, Phil Dawson, while the cat bobbed in the distance, piteously crying out for help.

“It was on its back drowning and crying. It was about 20 feet away and I wasn’t able to get the buoy to it,” Stu said. “It kept going under, it was such a shame.”

Thankfully, Stu did get hold of the cat, named Midnight, and brought her to dry land.


Midnight was clearly distressed throughout the ordeal and was barely able to move at first.


Phil rushed her to a nearby vet and she was sent home, in good health, to be reunited with her owner.

The hundreds of thousands of people who have viewed the rescue are calling for the cat’s rescuers to be given medals for their good deeds:




It just goes to show: Decent and kind people are everywhere, and if there’s a chance they can help in a dangerous situation, many won’t even hesitate to jump right in.

Watch the video below to see heroism in action, and remember to share to spread more kindness.


UPDATEMidnight was taken during a burglary. She is an old lady who was returned home safe. Her rescuer is a truly nice guy called Phil Dawson, he is happy for people to know his name, but he likes to keep himself private and does not want any fuss. The incident happened last summer but the video was only made public last week. Sadly the culprit was never found.AMAZING RESCUEThese lovely people rescued this poor cat which was in the canal. Some evil person riding past was seen to throw the cat in a box into the water, The wonderful man who jumped in to save the cat had just finished a shift at work and others were on their way to work. The cat was taken to a vets and recovered well and returned home. She is called Midnight and is from Ince. It is so heartwarming to know there are such good people out there. They deserve a medal .

Posted by Cats Protection Atherton & Wigan on Friday, March 2, 2018