After Scratching Stranger’s Car, YouTuber Is Blown Away By Their Selfless Response.

We all make mistakes, but sometimes they turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Casey Neistat is a popular YouTuber, filmmaker, and vlogger with millions of fans around the world. He recently shared an exchange on Twitter that is reminding everyone how much kindness surrounds us, even when times are hard!


Casey currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He said he’s “been complaining about LA a lot,” but a recent interaction with a stranger has him rethinking his cynicism.

It all started when Casey was attempting to park his 17-year-old pickup truck in a crowded parking lot.

“I scratched a guy’s car this morning when parking my truck — total accident, small but noticeable scratch,” he wrote on Twitter. “I left the owner a note on the wiper, and he texted me.”


The note explained what happened and gave the stranger his number so Casey could pay for the repairs. But when the driver did reach out, they weren’t angry. Instead, their selfless reply blew Casey away!


Rather than accept Casey’s money for repairs, this kind individual asked him to donate to a local food bank. With the novel coronavirus pandemic affecting so many around the world, they just wanted to help others in need!

Casey was so impressed that he immediately donated $250 and sent a copy of the receipt to the person who inspired him: “Mr. Scratched Car.”


What a wonderful way to pay it forward! It’s so encouraging to see complete strangers treat each other with such generosity and respect. Next time you’re feeling down, remember that people like Casey and this kind individual are out there spreading goodness.

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