Future Service Dogs Are Getting 1st-Class Treatment Thanks To Volunteer Pilots.

Pups have to go through plenty of training before they can provide the best loving care to their humans as service animals. That’s why Canine Companions for Independence is so important!

The California-based nonprofit helps facilitate this essential training before sending dogs out to their new forever families. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the commercial flights they typically use to deliver these sweet dogs to their humans have been limited. Thankfully, some pilots with big hearts are stepping up to help!


So many deserving people with disabilities benefit from this completely free program. A halt in service, especially during this difficult time, could have taken a huge toll on them.

Instead, over the past few months, pilots have helped the organization transport nearly 30 puppies to Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Southern California.

“Not only are they giving their plane, but their time, their fuel,” said Michelle Williams, a Canine Companions spokesperson. “They’re going out for full days … it’s just incredible.”


Josh Hochberg, one of the volunteer pilots, recently had the privilege of transporting some very cute puppies. While the journey took time, it didn’t feel like work to him.

“It’s more fulfilling than I could have possibly imagined,” he said. “So fulfilling that I actually got a puppy of my own.”


In May alone, about 400 people were on the nonprofit’s waiting list. Michelle said that number serves as a powerful reminder that “disability doesn’t disappear in times of crisis.”

While Canine Companions has enough volunteers to reach the West Coast, they are looking for pilots who have larger planes so they can also bring these wonderful animals to people on the East Coast.


What a beautiful way to give back! We’re so thankful to each and every one of these volunteers for making sure these puppies end up where they belong.

If you’re a pilot, consider volunteering with Canine Companions today. For everyone else, share this story to help the organization expand its mission.

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