Woman Feeds Man Who Went Through Her Trash And He Has Sweetest Reaction.

When you pay it forward, don’t be surprised if good things come flying back at you!


A woman in Canberra, Australia shared a story on her local Facebook group about catching a man going through her recycling bin. She confronted him and found that he was collecting cans which he could turn in for 10 cents a piece. Without thinking about it too much, the woman went inside and returned with a plastic container with some leftover dinner from the night before. The man gratefully accepted the food.

Days later, the man came back to return the plastic container, only this time it was filled to the brim with treats for her children! “I hope he had the same feeling I had when I gave him the container, that feeling of spreading kindness,” the woman said.


She shared the story online to encourage others to offer help and compassion when confronted with a situation like this. You just never know what might happen when you approach every situation as a chance to help others.

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