Mother Devastated When Baby Drowned, But 7 Years Later She’s Doing Something Incredible To Remember Her.

It was just 14 months after their daughter Camille Waite was born that she was taken out of the world. She had somehow gotten out of her high chair and gotten into the spa. When her family found her, she had drowned and there was nothing they could do. It was a tragedy that nobody wishes to experience.


But seven years later they are doing something beautiful to honor their daughter.  Every year on her birthday, Camille’s family chooses to celebrate her life rather than mourn for her death. They do so through two acts.  First, they take family photos with a framed picture of her in the front to show they are still that same family of 8 (because they have five living children). Second, they dedicate the entire day to carrying out random acts of kindness.

It’s a way to keep their family grounded, humble, and grateful for their late sweet baby girl.

They’ll make brownies and cookies for random strangers. Or Camille’s mother will take time to do something as simple as braid one of her other daughter’s hair. Usually they share a glimpse of these random acts on the internet, and something amazing has happened.

People have started commenting on their photos. Not only by loving on them but also by sharing their own stories of acts of kindness, because they were inspired by the Waite’s wonderful idea.

They have turned their sadness into a selfless mission that’s affecting people from all over. Watch below for a full glimpse.

Share their story to continue the idea even further.

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