Divorced Parents Give Away Family Dog. 11-Yrs Later Daughter Can’t Believe Her Eyes.

Most adults who grew up with pets can probably remember the day their first puppy or kitten came home. I know I do.

It’s the happiest day ever — you get to play with a tiny ball of fur and watch it grow up with you. But sadly, sometimes the story doesn’t always play out as it should. That’s exactly what happened for Kate Griffin and her sister.

Her parents brought home a cockapoo puppy, they named her Cami, and all was good for almost five years. Then her parents got divorced.


Because Kate’s dad couldn’t have pets at his house, Cami had to stay with mom. The girls would alternate weeks with their parents and this, understandably put a lot of stress on Kate’s mom and saddened Cami when her sisters were gone.


After some time, Kate’s mom decided it was only fair to Cami to give her to their sitter. She had more time to devote to the dog and the girls could still visit.

Unfortunately, though, one day, the girls went over to their sitter’s house and Cami wasn’t there anymore.

“Our sitter informed us that she made the decision to give Cami away to a family because she could no longer take care of her. It was so devastating,” Kate remembers. But the girls knew it was the right choice — Cami deserved a loving family.

Kate and her sister grew up and remembered Cami fondly, imagining that she’d lived a happy life with her new forever family. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Kate got the best kind of reassurance of this fact.

As she was walking home, she saw a woman walking a dog that looked strangely similar to Cami. Crossing the street she asked about the dog.


She wrote about the encounter in a Facebook post:

“11 years ago my parents had to give away our cockapoo puppy, Cami, when they got divorced.

We haven’t been able to see her since then and it was the saddest day of me and my sisters life when we found out.

But today, I was walking home and I saw a fluffy little pupper across the street who really reminded me of her. So I crossed the street and asked the person walking what the pups name was.

‘Her name is Cami.’

There is no way.

I had to make sure.

I talked to the dog walker more about her.

‘Yeah, a family gave her away when the parents got divorced. She’s a sweetheart. She’s 15 years old.’

I cried, told her my story and she took this picture of us.

Yup. That’s my pup, Cami.”


The dog walker let Kate accompany Cami all the way home and snapped the photo of the long-lost friends. What a wonderful reunion!

Now her sweet story, has everyone crying with happiness for the long lost “sisters.”


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