5-Yr-Old With Rare Brain Condition Takes 1st Steps In Adorable Video.

Seeing a child reach any major milestone is emotional in and of itself, but seeing them reach it after countless hours of hard work is a joy unlike any other!

Mandy and Kevin Hanson of Georgia recently experienced this with their 5-year-old son. For the first 18 months of his life, Camden made easy steps forward, but when his parents realized he wasn’t walking quite right, they took him to the doctor. After an MRI, they learned he has progressive cerebellar atrophy, a rare genetic condition that can affect movement and speech.


Since his diagnosis, Camden has been going to physical, occupational, and speech therapy about 10 times a week. Despite all the effort he puts in, he still struggles with motor skills, speech, and balance, and his condition continues to worsen.

Thankfully, the 5-year-old is strong-willed and never gives up! Mandy told the “Today” show he would speak only in grunting sounds two years ago. Today, he has no problem speaking in full sentences.

His determined nature became even more apparent when he recently took his first independent steps! Mandy was there to record the moment, and when she shared the video on Twitter, her caption made it clear that she has been beaming with pride ever since.


My youngest son (age 5) has progressive cerebellar atrophy and is physically handicapped,” she wrote. “He also has 10 therapies a week. Today, he finally took independent steps!”

In the video, we see Camden take several steps in a row before resting on a chair and looking back at his mom with a triumphant grin. He is clearly overjoyed to have accomplished his goal, and Mandy can’t help cheering him on.

The heartwarming footage quickly went viral, and now Mandy is hoping that “Camden’s story spreads a message of hope and inclusion while serving as inspiration to millions of families around the world who are struggling with the challenges of raising a special needs child.”


Congratulations, Camden! We’re so proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished, and we’ll be rooting for you as you continue to learn and grow.

Watch him take his first solo steps in the video below, and share his story with your friends to spread the joy even further.

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