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10-Yr-Old With Autism Lights Up On Stage & Blows Judges Away With Jackson 5.

It takes a big voice to sing a classic Jackson 5 song like “Who’s Lovin’ You,” yet Calum Courtney makes it look easy.

Calum being only ten years-old makes his skill all the more impressive; but when you also consider that this child has a mild form of autism, and he nailed the song in front of almost 4,000 audience members, you will be blown away!


Calum is no stranger to performing in front of a live audience. Not only has he sung live at the NSPCC Winter Charity Ball for the National Autistic Society, but he went viral, not long ago, with his impromptu performance of a Smokey Robinson song in the middle of an ASDA supermarket.

At ten, Calum is already a pro who is more adept at standing in front of a crowd than most adults. When judge Alesha Dixon asked Calum if he was nervous about performing, he simply shrugged and said “no.”


Calum’s mother, Tupney Courtney, says nothing ever fazes her son.

“He is always singing around the house and performing in public has never been a problem. The more people, the better for Calum when he is performing.”


As his excited family looked on from the audience and the wings of the stage, Calum hit every note of the difficult Jackson 5 song with ease. Everyone knows that Michael Jackson’s voice was something special, so to see a child sing one of his songs so perfectly is really extraordinary.


When he had finished, all four judges looked stunned but thrilled at the talented boy standing before them. Even Simon Cowell couldn’t resist giving the boy an enthusiastic thumbs up, telling him,

 “Calum, you’ve got soul. You’ve got a very authentic voice; you’ve got a great tone to your voice. You totally controlled the song, as well. This was special. You did really, really, really well, and I like you a lot.”


Judge David Walliams concurred.

“What a big song for such a little guy. You did absolutely brilliantly today, you should be very, very proud of yourself.”


Calum immediately broke down in tears of relief and joy as soon as the praise started rolling in. He managed to get himself together after getting a quick hug from his little brother, who was watching off-stage.


What a sweetheart! But the judges weren’t done praising him yet!

“That was one of the biggest reactions we’ve had for anybody, it was fantastic.”


After a resounding “yes” vote from all four judges, Calum aced his audition and will now be a featured contestant on the talent show that has launched many successful singing careers.


This was a huge moment for his family who knows how much he has overcome to get on the stage.

“Because Calum has autism he takes so much positivity from singing and, where he often struggled in social situations and at school, singing makes him so happy.”

Calum’s singing makes us happy, too, and his family seems completely overjoyed by his success!


Way to go, Calum! We’re certain we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this talented singer in the weeks ahead.

Watch his fabulous audition below, and don’t forget to share!

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