3-Yr-Old With Special Needs Gets Sweetest Surprise From Neighborhood Sanitation Worker.

caleb and trash guy

Every Monday morning, Caleb Jones looks forward to seeing his friend.

Caleb is only 3 years old, but he’s had more than his fair share of health challenges. Born with Down syndrome, Caleb has a compromised immune system and requires a trach tube in his throat to help him breathe. He can’t go outside and play like other kids his age, so instead, he amuses himself from behind his family home’s glass door in Frisco, Texas.


“He is just so adorable. He’s just great,” Caleb’s mother Natalie Jones says of her son. Although the child requires round-the-clock care, Natalie and other family members don’t mind caring for him one bit. He’s a delightful little boy whose infectious smile wins the heart of all who meet him — even the mail carrier and sanitation workers who visit their home each week.

One special waste management worker has formed a friendship with Caleb, giving the boy a cheery wave and honking the truck’s horn twice to acknowledge him. Natalie says the man has always gone out of his way to be kind to Caleb and the whole family appreciates him.


“He is just so good to my son! It makes me so happy and Caleb likes it, too,” she said. “He stops to run the truck in front of our house so Caleb can watch. Then, he gives him a double toot every time he leaves.”

One day the worker surprised Caleb with a special gift that meant the world to the little boy. The man dropped off a bright neon green Waste Connections hat so that Caleb could feel like part of their team. He also wrote a sweet note that read, “To my favorite ‘lil’ customer. Thank you, your trash guy”


Caleb was thrilled with his new hat, and the note was just the icing on the cake. For a little boy who spends a lot of time in his home with only his family members for company, just being acknowledged by his neighborhood hero made him feel like a superstar!

Natalie was incredibly moved by the kind gesture, sharing pictures on Facebook and writing,

Caleb received the most thoughtful gift today. Our trash man waits every week to see if Caleb is going to come out to wave and watch. When he does, he always toots the horn on his way down the street for him. Today, he left Caleb a present on the door on his first round through since we weren’t home.

Later that day he came back around to collect the recycling and Caleb got a chance to thank him in person. Natalie wrote, “I am so grateful for kind, generous, selfless people like him. He never complains if the nurses’ cars are too close to the bins, always has a smile, and says he looks forward to Caleb’s smile every Monday.”


Just look at Caleb’s sweet, smiling face! That hat looks amazing on him!

It’s wonderful that this worker understands how important he is in this little boy’s life. It doesn’t matter what our role in society may be; we all have the power to make someone’s day. Thank you to this kind worker for offering his kindness and friendship to this very deserving family.

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