Stray Dog Hilariously Crashes Pro Soccer Game — And Ends Up Finding His Forever Home!

Humans have been known to crash sporting events by running across the field and causing a ruckus, but it’s so much more fun when animals do it! Recently, soccer players and fans in Potosí, Bolivia, were treated to this very cute kind of interruption when a pup took to the field in the middle of a game.

During a match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosí, a stray dog showed up and started running near the field. At first, he stayed along the sidelines, which was easier for the staff to manage, but before long, he was darting all over the place and clearly trying to join the fun!

To make the hilarious situation even better, the dog somehow managed to get a hold of a player’s shoe, which he carried in his mouth as he playfully jumped around the field. He was obviously hoping for the game to evolve into tug-of-war!

Eventually, the players were able to get him calmed down enough to stay in one place. The clever cutie didn’t just sit still though. He took full advantage of the moment and rolled over to get belly rubs, snuggles, and pets from the athletes.

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Finally, a player named Raúl Castro scooped up the pup and carried him off the field so the teams could continue.

But that was only the beginning of Raúl’s relationship with the adorable canine! After the game, Raúl told his fans that he had gone down to the shelter to formally adopt the pup, whom he named Cachito.


No one knows how Cachito made his way into the stadium, but he took full advantage of the opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame! Not only that, but because of his daring (and heartwarming) efforts, Cachito also has a new forever home!

Watch Cachito steal the show — and our hearts — in the video below, and remember to share this story with your friends.

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