Buzzfeed’s “9 Quotes To Conquer The Day” Is Like Drinking 10 Cups Of Coffee.

9 Quotes To Conquer The Day

You wake up in the morning, your alarm is blaring (of that song that’s totally ruined because you used it as your ringtone) and you press snooze just one more time… and that probably ends up getting you in trouble.


What if I told you that just by reading a couple words of inspiration, you would be excited for that alarm to go off, ready to start your day and take it by storm? That’s exactly what this video is.

Tip: If you forget the feeling you get while watching this, just set a bookmark and play this video while brushing your teeth (or whatever morning task you prefer) and get back in the mindset! There’s no better way to get in that “go getter” mindset!

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