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busy philipps

Working Moms Everywhere Can Relate To Busy Philipps’s Tweet About Trying To Do It All.

Busy Philipps may be a celebrity, but she’s no stranger to the pressure many moms face each day.

The down-to-earth actress, author, and soon-to-be talk show host chronicles her hectic life on her popular Instagram and Twitter pages, and it’s clear that she truly lives up to her name. She is, indeed, busy!

busy phillips

Busy lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 11 years, Marc Silverstein, and their two daughters, Birdie and Cricket. In addition to her work as an actress on hit sitcoms like “Cougar Town” and movies like “I Feel Pretty,” she’s also got a book of autobiographical essays hitting the shelves in October.

As if that weren’t enough balls in the air for one person, Busy is set to launch her first talk show, tentatively called “Busy Tonight,” on the E! cable network. She hardly seems like she’s in the position to be volunteering for anything, yet like all working moms, she often finds herself torn when stuff like this comes up:

Show of hands — who else has been there, done that? (We’ve got our hands raised high!)


Whether they work outside of the home or not, parents are always juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time. Add in a job or two (or three, in Busy’s case) and you’ve got a recipe for a stressed-out mom. Busy’s tweets are a good reminder for all of us who tend to take on just a bit too much on top of our everyday duties.

This is a great example of how and why Busy has amassed an online following of millions on her social media pages. She’s not afraid to show the messy side of life and motherhood! She’s not even afraid to post multiple makeup-free selfies, and how many celebs do you know who will do that?


It’s nice to know that even the richest and famous among us have a tendency to over-commit when it comes to our children. It’s just so easy to get into the mindset of “I can do it all.”


It’s important to take a little time for yourself, too! Spend as much time with your kids, but find a healthy balance and don’t try to be all things to all people.

busy phillips

We’re glad you cut yourself a little slack, Busy! Thanks for the reminder that we all deserve to treat ourselves with that same amount of love and respect.

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