Bus Driver Spots Car Stuck On Snowy Railroad Tracks And Rallies Passengers To Help.

bus driver push train tracks

When a big snowstorm hits, it’s best if you can just stay home and wait it out. However, for people with certain jobs, staying home isn’t always an option.

Lifesaving medical personnel and first responders still have to get to work no matter how ferocious the weather may be, for example. City bus drivers like Milwaukee County Transit System’s Shenika Merrill are also out there in all weather, doing their part to get people where they need to be.


During a snowy evening earlier this year, Shenika was making her rounds around Wauwatosa with a bus full of passengers when she approached a railroad crossing and saw something that made her heart beat a little bit faster. There, smack-dab in the middle of the snowy train tracks, was a small white sedan. Shenika instantly recognized that the little car was stuck in the snow; she also knew she had to do something to help.


Inside the car, a woman heading to work at the local hospital must have been panicking. It’s never fun to get your car stuck, but to be stuck in the middle of train tracks must be absolutely terrifying! Thankfully, Shenika took swift action to help her out without even having to be asked.

The bus’s CCTV footage captured the moment when Shenika put her bus in park and announced, “Somebody needs to help get that person off the tracks. That’s very dangerous.” Without so much as a backwards glance, the driver was moving down the stairs and out into the snowy night to lend a hand.


As soon as the passengers saw what Shenika was doing, they climbed off the bus to help, too. One by one the riders rushed to the stalled car, and since many hands make light work, they pushed the car off the tracks in a matter of seconds. Without even waiting for a “thank you,” Shenika and her riders returned to the bus and went on with their night.


Inside the little car, the grateful hospital worker was flooded with relief and gratitude. She later wrote to the MCTS to tell them how much she appreciated Shenika’s leadership and quick action.

“I was ready to call a tow truck when an MCTS bus pulled up behind me,” she wrote. “This lady, bless her heart, gathered everyone she could and they pushed me off the snow. You are the reason I go to work to save lives.”


“We need more beautiful souls like yours,” the woman said about Shenika, and we could not agree more! This driver could have easily ignored the car or even simply called authorities to report it, but she knew that with just a few moments of effort they could fix a potentially deadly situation. Shenika is a wonderful example of what it means to live in a community where people don’t hesitate to lend a hand. Great work, Shenika!

Watch the moment when Shenika and her riders save the day in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

Team of strangers band together to save driver

This busy bus driver saw someone stuck on the train tracks. She had to do something.

Posted by Humankind Stories on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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