School Refused To Help Bullied 10-Yr-Old, Then 200 Bikers Show Up At His Front Door.

After hearing about a 4th grader who’d suffered years of bullying, 200 bikers gathered in a show of force earlier this month and escorted the boy to his elementary school in Nova Scotia.


It all started thanks to a post on Defenders Of The Children, a biker organization dedicated to ending bullying and child abuse. Katie Laybolt, mom of 10-year-old Xander Rose, reached out to the organization saying Xander– who stands at 5’2 and weighs 150 lbs– is constantly picked on for his weight, race, and for wearing a leather jacket to school. Defenders Of The Children member Mike Basso read about Xander’s plight and organized a rally.


Laybolt said a recent writing assignment asked him to describe his best memories of his school year at Harbourside Elementary. “My son looked at me and asked, ‘Are they kidding?'”

If he hasn’t already turned in that assignment, the morning of June 21 should provide some great material.


Dozens of local bikers met at a nearby shopping mall, then picked up Xander at home and took him to school in a parade-like atmosphere, with neighbors along the route taking photos and cheering them on.


“I’m hoping he knows from now on, if somebody bullies him, he’s got somebody to go to. He can look on the corner of any street, he’s going to find a leather vest,”Basso said. “He’s now one of our brothers.â€

Laybolt contacted Defenders Of The Children as a last resort, after her pleas to school officials were ignored. Less than a week after the biker rally, a public meeting was held to discuss solutions to bullying.


“We need to make sure these kids have support,” said Basso.

Watch the memorable day in the video below, and share!

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