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Stunned Mom Spots Son Missing For 1 Year In Music Video & Runs To Find Him.

When an English grime rapper set out to make a music video on the streets of his home city, he had no idea that doing so would unite a family that had been splintered by depression and homelessness.

Aaron Davis is a 27-year-old musician who goes by the stage name Bugzy Malone. He specializes in a brand of music called “grime rap,” a genre of electronic dance music that involves rapping about urban life. When it came time for Bugzy to create a music video for his song “Run,” he took to the streets of Manchester, England to shed light on the plight of the homeless.


“We went out and got proper homeless people. We had a chance to chat to them and give them a little something,” Bugzy explained. “We got proper people off the streets of Manchester in there.”

Bugzy shared video clips of himself greeting the homeless and giving them money to find a warm place to sleep for the night. He described why he decided not to use actors for his video, asserting that he hopes to help the homeless by opening the public’s eyes to the struggle they endure on the streets every day.

“Today we went out and reshot the whole video, I told em I don’t want to pay actors I want to connect with and pay the real people of the streets. I’ve been at the bottom it’s not easy, homeless or not you must treat people with respect rich or poor. People that have struggled are the special ones out here! Shout out the city that taught me all that I know. I will help as much as I possibly can.”


The video was released in August, and a short time later Bugzy got a call from his management team to let him know just what an impact his video had had. Incredibly, a woman who watched the video happened to see a very familiar face among the bedraggled homeless people. Her son, who had suffered from depression and had been missing for nearly a year, was one of the men with whom Bugzy had interacted.


“We got an email off a mum of one of the guys, the guy had been missing for six months, to a year,” the rapper explained. “He was on the missing list. And when she’s seen him in my music video, it made her go out and find him. Long story short, he tried to commit suicide and that kind of thing, now he’s back with his family.”

Bugzy says that reuniting this troubled young man with his worried family is one of the proudest moments of his entire career. He quickly reached out to the young man personally.

“He said when he was in his hospital bed after trying to commit suicide she [his mum] showed him my Instagram. A caption said, ‘My guy was special regardless of his circumstances, you never know what people have been through.’ When he’s seen that I’d written nice things about him, it inspired him to get his life back on track. He’s back home with his family and he’s got a girlfriend.”


It seems that Bugzy more than accomplished his goal of shining a light on the homeless people in Manchester! We hope this young man continues to get better and stay in close contact with his loved ones. It just goes to show that you’ll never know what kind of a change you can make in someone’s life until you try.

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