This College Student Is Keeping The Ocean Clean By Diving For Trash.

Technology is making it easier than ever before for people to protect the environment. For Bryan Kaleta of Del Mar, California, all it takes to make a difference is a trip to the beach and a swipe of his phone.

The 20-year-old student at Pepperdine University enjoys surfing and diving. He also wants to keep our oceans clean, so this June, he turned his underwater hobby into an eco-friendly mission!

Following the end of the spring semester, Bryan was bored. Online classes didn’t interest him much, so he decided to browse through the app store one day. That’s what inspired him to spend his summer diving for trash!

bryan dives for trash

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So what spurred him on? A new app called Rubbish.

The platform empowers people around the world to pick up litter in their communities. Not only does it organize local cleanups, but it also uses a database to create long-lasting solutions to pollution!

All users have to do is connect their phones to the “rubbish beam,” the app’s Bluetooth trash grabber, and start cleaning!

“Each time a piece of litter is picked up, a picture is automatically taken in the Rubbish app. You categorize the litter, submit, and keep cleaning!” its makers explained. “The data from cleanups is analyzed to help create smarter cleanup strategies and highlights areas that need the most attention.”

Bryan is a big fan of data charts, so this motivated his seven-week hunt for underwater garbage. He had so much fun that he combed 20,000 square meters of San Diego’s coastline, keeping the beaches he loves so much clean.

What a great way to encourage people to step up for our planet! Rubbish makes it so easy to have an impact, so we challenge you to download it and get started today!

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