Big Brother Tears Up Just Talking About How Much He Loves His Sister

Brother tears up talking about special needs sister

What could have created distance between this brother and sister has ended up making them closer than ever.

Suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disorder that weakens muscles and limits movement, Lindsay has been in a wheel chair since she was two years old. But her brother Trenton has made her situation so much easier.

When asked about his love for his sister, Trenton’s eyes filled with tears. His devotion to her is incredible.

The two have taken on the challenge of Lindsay’s special needs together.  Though handling the hurtful reactions and physical challenges that have come with Lindsay’s SMA has not been easy, the two siblings are doing it with such grace.

Their love for each other is moving, and their perspective on life, inspiring.

Watch the video below to hear them talk about their relationship. You will never forget it.

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