Bride Gets Her Money’s Worth By Vowing To Take Gown On Adventure Every Day For Yr.

Countless girls grow up dreaming of their future wedding, and, of course, the perfect dress. But for something brides put so much money and effort into finding, it’s a shame they’re only worn once.

When Dawn Winfield-Hunt finally tied the knot with her husband, Steve, in August, she wore a beautiful gown she’d bought for a steal at a charity store. But unlike other newly-married women, she didn’t pack it away after the event, never to be worn again. In fact, she’s practically been living in it ever since.

winfield-hunt wedding

“Usually you only get to wear your dress once and then you put it in a box and forget about it,” the 54-year-old from the English seaside town of Ryde said. “But I liked mine and decided to wear it the following day for a BBQ with friends and everyone loved it,” including her dog and ring bearer, Bernard von Licktonstein!

dawn wedding dress dog

Dawn had such a great time wearing it again that she figured, why not wear it everywhere? The dress made her happy and she’d get the most bang for her buck. And she wasn’t worried about getting it dirty. She had cooked in it for the barbecue, after all. So, the next day, she wore it again — while paddleboarding!

wedding dress paddleboarding

From then on, Dawn had fun with it. She’d initially planned to spend a week in the dress, but decided to go for a year, instead. Dawn even created her own bucket list for the gown, documenting all of its “adventures” on social media. She’s worn it to festivals…

wedding dress festival

…while completing household chores…

wedding dress vaccuuming

…and during grocery runs to the store.

wedding dress store

As you can imagine, she always attracts a lot of attention from people who assume it’s her wedding day. Dawn gets a kick out of it every time — as does Steve. Her 31-year-old son, Sam, on the other hand, think what she’s doing is “mental.” But Dawn doesn’t care.

wedding dress store

To her, it’s more than not wanting to let go of a dress she loves. Dawn is very passionate about making her life environmentally friendly. She bought the dress secondhand for £300, or a little over $360, used no plastic at her wedding, and had handmade decorations. So it only makes sense that she’d be against wasting something so pretty.

“I plan on wearing it every now and then until my first anniversary next year, it will be covered in seaweed, wine stains and probably won’t even be white anymore but I don’t care,” she said. You go, Dawn!

dawn wedding dress

Dawn still has big plans for the dress — perhaps even caving or rock climbing, so be sure to keep up with her adventures on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what she and her dress do next.

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