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Bride & Photographer Team Up To Pull Off Hilarious Prank For Groom’s Wedding Day 1st Look.

Most grooms remember the first time they saw their beloved dressed in her wedding gown.

Photographers call this the “first look;” that moment when the groom turns around to see his bride in her full wedding ensemble. But not all brides are the traditional type who require a somber, beatific photograph of that first look. Some, like Nicole Smith of Indiana, instead use that moment to pull an epic prank on their husband-to-be.


Nicole and her fiance, Andrew Wright, are high school sweethearts who’ve known each other since middle school. When it came time to plan out their wedding day, Nicole wanted to have a little bit of fun instead of keeping things super serious. She enlisted the help of her photographer, Belinda Russell of Belinda Marie Photography, and Andrew’s best man, Kye Stachowski.

The three of them worked together to come up with a funny way to prank the groom: Kye put on Nicole’s sister’s wedding dress and pretended to be Nicole during the pre-wedding photo shoot!

Belinda Marie Photography

Isn’t he lovely?

“That was the first time I’d worn a dress,” Kye later explained. “But I wanted to do it.”

As Andrew stood in the garden, wearing his wedding day tux and looking dapper, Kye approached him from behind. Photographer Belinda kept up the ruse by speaking to Kye as if he were Nicole.

Belinda Marie Photography

“I kept calling Kye ‘Nicole’ when (Andrew) had his back turned, like, ‘Nicole, you look beautiful, now drop your shoulders,”’ Belinda said.

bride prank belinda marie photo
Belinda Marie Photography

“They were laughing for a good two or three minutes when he turned around.”

Belinda Marie Photography

The moment when Andrew turns around to see his hairy, muscle-bound best man standing where his bride should be is an instant classic! The look on his face will forever crack us up!

Belinda Marie Photography

Best. Picture. EVER!

belinda marie photography
Belinda Marie Photography

“My first reaction to seeing Kye was complete confusion,” Andrew said. “For a solid second, my brain was processing what was going on.”

Belinda Marie Photography

The entire wedding party had a great laugh over the prank, and now the photos are going viral. We’re sure Nicole is giving lots of other brides-to-be some ideas for their own wedding pictures! After all, creating memories of love, laughter, and friendship are what weddings are really all about.

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