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brent walker teacher easter surprise

5th Grade Teacher Gets Help From Internet To Surprise Students On Easter.

Teachers really are unsung heroes. Choosing to dedicate your life to forming young minds is truly a noble calling, and all around the world, teachers work tirelessly to help kids grow into amazing adults.

Oftentimes, educators have to reach into their own pockets to ensure that their students have everything they need in class, from books and notebooks to pencils. Because people who teach are usually inherently generous, gracious people, it comes as no surprise that many pull out all the stops to make their kids happy. One fifth-grade teacher in Tampa, Florida, knows all about that.

brent walker teacher

When Easter was approaching, Brent Walker knew that he had to do something special for the children in his class. He went to Walmart one day after school for plastic eggs and some candy when something bigger caught his eye.

brent walker easter surprise

He walked by an aisle of Easter baskets filled to the brim with chocolates and toys. He wished that he could buy one for every single student, but he knew he just didn’t have the money. Then he had an idea.

Later that night, he took to Facebook to see if anyone he knew would be willing to sponsor a child. Brent was totally blown away by the response.

brent walker easter facebook post

Within an hour, he’d raised $700 for Easter baskets! Shortly after that, it went up to $1,200.

He went back to the store to get the baskets, but he didn’t stop with just his homeroom class. He had enough money to get them for all three sections of kids he had in class throughout the day, which was 63 in total.

easter baskets walmart

When Brent needed help bringing a little Easter joy into his students’ lives, the people around him stopped at nothing to help him reach his goal.

students getting easter baskets

As you can probably guess, the kiddos were completely thrilled. When they walked into the room, they were stunned by the huge baskets sitting on their desks!

fifth grade students on easter

The thing about teachers is that they do this simply because they want to see kids smile. It’s not for any selfish reason or to get attention (although Brent’s story certainly did).

Just knowing that they did their job to the best of their ability and made children happy along the way is enough.

fifth grader happy easter

This just goes to show that even though things may seem scary and bad, the world is full of kind, caring people.

See the kids’ adorable reactions in the video down below and share it with your friends to spread the smiles!

Easter basket surprise for students

EASTER SURPRISE: 5th-grade teacher Brent Walker asked his friends to help him make Easter extra special for his homeroom students, and they came through in a big way – raising nearly $1,200 in an hour. STORY:

Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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