New MLB Player Surprises Parents With Thank-You Gift That Has Internet In Tears.

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If you’re the parent of a student-athlete, you know exactly how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into supporting them.

Even if your child isn’t destined to become a professional player, parents put copious amounts of time, money, and emotional support into helping them succeed at all levels of play. It’s always nice to see those sacrifices honored, and 22-year-old baseball player Brady Alan Singer recently went above and beyond to repay his parents for doing their part to help him achieve his goals.


Brady has always been a standout on the baseball field, and his parents spent all of their free time ferrying him and his brother to their various practices, games, and championships. All of their money was tied up buying Brady the very best equipment, not to mention uniforms, league fees, and travel expenses.

The Singer family worked so hard to support their son’s burgeoning sports career that they even had to go into debt. Through it all, they all kept their eye on the prize — and after finishing his college baseball career at Florida State, their dreams came true when Major League Baseball came knocking.


In 2018, Brady was the first round draft pick for the Kansas City Royals. Thanks to his talent and hard work, he received a $4.25 million contract from the MLB team. Naturally, he was over the moon, but this is one young man who hasn’t forgotten who helped him get to where he’s standing.

In a video Brady shared on his social media pages, we found out just how far he was willing to go to repay his parents for their sacrifices.

singer parents gift


On Christmas morning, Brady gave his parents a letter and asked his mom to read it. Sitting in their holiday PJs, the Singers have no clue that their son is about to change their lives for the better.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me reach my dreams,” Brady’s mother reads. “There’s absolutely no way I could have done all this by myself. Both of you constantly took off of work and spent every dime you made just to put a smile on my face. My smile and appreciation for both of you has never stopped and it never will.

“I will always remember traveling around Florida for baseball and trying to cheaply eat to save money, and I never could because you always wanted me to have the best stuff so that I could pursue my dream. The money you all spent on traveling, gear, food and all those Gatorades I drank is much more than I could ever give you.”

singer parents gift

As his mom reads ahead in the letter, she gets a shocked look on her face and starts to tear up. Beside her, Brady’s dad wipes away tears of his own while trying his best to look stoic.

Her voice thick with emotion, she continues reading.

“But there is something I want to give to you. I am paying off the loan to the bank. Also I paid off all your debt … Now instead of trying to save money every weekend to replace the savings account you drained while traveling to see me play baseball, you can spend it on yourselves because you deserve the very best.”

singer parents

Brady shared his parents’ emotional response to his incredibly generous gift online, stating:

“Today is very special to my heart. To give back to the two people who have given up everything to support my brother and I. I can’t thank them enough. Love you Mom and Dad.”


Parents like Brady’s seldom work hard to help their kids succeed for any personal gain, beyond the pride they feel at seeing their children do well. Yet there’s something so comforting and satisfying when you see that sons like Brady actually do see that sacrifice, and they’re grateful for it. That’s really gift enough… but we’d take the debt pay-off, too.

Congratulations on raising such a wonderful young man, Singer family!

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