Boyfriend Horrified When He Loses Ring Mid-Proposal, But Fellow Fans Come Through In A Big Way.

man in yankees shirt horrified look pointing to empty ring box

We’ve shared some awesome proposal stories with you. From this UP-themed one to this one featuring a new puppy to this elaborate 7-part proposal and more… Each one is tear-jerking and pretty much flawless. But the proposal below is different. In this proposal, things go terribly wrong.


Things start out according to plan. A sweet couple named Heather and Andrew are enjoying a Yankees-Red Sox game together at Yankee Stadium. Between innings, the announcer starts announcing birthdays of fans in the crowd. That’s when the jumbotron cameras zooms in on Heather and Andrew and the announcer asks, “Heather, will you marry Andrew?” At this point, things are still going smoothly, but when Andrew kneels to ask the big question himself, everything derails as he drops the ring. 

The ring is definitely a key element of a proposal, and Andrew has completely lost it. It takes several minutes to locate the ring again, and Andrew is clearly sick about it, looking like he’s going to cry. But things turn around when the entire section seated around Andrew and Heather  stop what they’re doing and help the young couple out. It’s quite the sight! All these strangers, together helping a young man propose to his girlfriend.

It’s certainly a sweet reminder for this couple as they start their lives together; things may go wrong, you’ll have your mess-ups, and sometimes you may even find yourself relying on strangers for help… But– in the end– if you put love first, it’ll all work out!

Check out the dramatic proposal below and share.

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