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scott and grace lowe

Little 8-Yr-Old “Hero” Who Saved Cousin’s Life Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime.

Scott Lowe would do anything for his best friend — his little cousin. And if that involves going through surgery, so be it.

His cousin, Grace, has leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant, but before it could happen, she had to find a donor whose tissue was a match. As it so happens, she and Scott are double cousins, and his was the only match out of all the family members tested. He was understandably scared before the surgery, but Scott agreed to do it because he “wanted to save her life.”

It’s a rare and beautiful thing to see that kind of altruism in an 8-year-old boy.

scott and grace

The transplant happened around this time last year at a hospital in Ireland, and to celebrate the one-year anniversary, their moms, Arlene and Bernie Lowe, talked about it with Ryan Tubridy, host of “The Late Late Toy Show.”


The operation was so successful that Grace was finally able to return to school last month, they told him, prompting an eruption of cheers from the audience.

Early in the segment, the proud moms watched what they thought was live footage of their respective children, who they called “best friends” and “inseparable.” But it wasn’t, it was pre-recorded. They were shocked when Grace and Scott strolled out on stage!

arlene and bernie

Scott had already received so much attention and praise for saving Grace’s life, including a rugby jersey signed by the entire Irish team just before the surgery:


Little did he know, he was in for a big surprise of his own! Scott is a massive rugby fan, and you can almost feel his heart soaring when three of his rugby heroes, Rob Kearney, Tadhg Furlong, and Sean O’Brien, tromped onstage to heap even more praise on the young lad.

“This is a real-life hero right here … People call us heroes on the rugby field, but you’re the real hero,” Rob said.


They couldn’t come empty-handed, of course. Watch the clip below to see all the gifts he received, and share to help raise awareness about the need for donors!

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