Little Boy Can’t Control Emotions When He Hears He’s Getting Twin Siblings.

A father and his young son sit in a food court together, the father hands his son a phone with a picture on it. The boy looks at it and sees a baby’s face in a sonogram. “Do you know what this is?” asks Dad. “Your sibling!” The son’s reaction is priceless.


In the video of this adorable and heartwarming moment, the father and son are speaking Portuguese, but some things transcend language and nation, speaking right to the heart.

For example, according to the closed caption, at one point the little boy shouts “Holy cow, dude!” I’m not sure if there’s really a Portuguese phrase that translates exactly like that, but the sentiment is clear: the little boy is overwhelmed with emotion, so excited to meet his baby sibling.

But it gets even better, the dad explains that this little boy isn’t just getting one new sibling… he’s getting twins! The boy can barely contain himself, laughing and crying at the same time. “I’m touched!” he says through tears.

Watch the precious moment this little boys first finds out about his twin siblings below. Be sure to keep closed captioning on for the English translation.

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