6 Storm Troopers Walked On Stage, Their Next Move Had The Entire Crowd On Their Feet!

Boogie Storm 6 on Britain's Got Talent

The new ‘Star Wars’ definitely proved to be one of the most well-known movies of the year… and some contestants on Britain’s Got Talent definitely took advantage of its popularity.

When two Storm Troopers walked on the stage for auditions, the judges already wore some pretty funny looks. It only got better when any questions asked were responded with complete silence by the masked characters. So a judge simply had to say “Good luck,” and send them on their way.

Then out came 4 more people, to complete ‘Boogie Storm’s’ 6 person team, each dressed in all white. They lined up, and just seconds after their audition started, everyone in the room was already sold. Their audition even ended with a standing ovation and a golden buzzer!

Watch their performance to see exactly what got everyone cheering and clapping; you’re gonna love this!

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