98-Yr-Old Writes $1,000 Check To Every Student At California School Destroyed By Fire.

It took two weeks for the devastating Northern California Camp Fire to be 100% contained, which gave it time to burn almost 154,000 acres of land and destroy 14,000 homes.

People all over the United States are doing what they can to help those affected by fires, but 89-year-old businessman, Bob Wilson, went above and beyond.

Washington Post

Wilson is a real estate developer in Southern California and said that within “two or three minutes” of hearing news of the wildfires, he knew he wanted to do something to help those affected. He considered different approaches but ultimately decided to give $1,000 checks to each of the Paradise High School’s 980 students, as well as 105 staff members.

The businessman has fond memories of his high school years, calling them “truly carefree” which is what made him decide to donate to the students. He wants the students to have “some good times” despite the disaster, and he hopes to “put a smile on their faces and lift their spirits.”


In addition to the checks, Wilson gave each student a personalized note expressing his sympathy for their loss and mentioning the New Year and new start just around the corner. He closed the letter saying,

“Please know you are not alone as someone as far away as San Diego is rooting for you and has the firm belief that tomorrow will be better than today, if you possess the will to make it so.”


Wilson’s donation, totaling at $1.1 million, came with no strings attached; he simply asked that the students use the money wisely and focus on graduating high school despite the difficulties they face. We think the kind gesture is a wonderful place for these sweet kids to start rebuilding their lives.

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