He Sang A Bob Marley Classic, When You See Who Joined Him You’ll Get The Chills

Bob Marley stood for the things that matter… peace, love, and music. The prolific and groundbreaking musician set up the reggae genre for international recognition, but more than that, his message helped people to love and consider others.


Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. They scoured the globe for downtrodden musicians – people just like you and I – had them play Bob Marley’s “One Love” then stitched the footage together for a captivating and inspiring result.

The Takeaway: Every person in the world has their own unique hopes, dreams, and hidden talents. Never forget the beautiful uniqueness of the human spirit, even when outward appearance hints at something less worthy.

Check out the awesome music video below and share to make someone’s day!


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