Boaters Find Unexpected Passenger Onboard, Ferry New Feathered Friend Back To Shore

Close up of a blanket-wrapped owl sitting on a human's lap while riding a boat.

There’s so much to love about taking a ride on a boat. One of the perks is feeling more in touch with the surrounding nature. But when two friends in Florida decided to adventure out into nearby water, they never would have guessed they’d get this close to nature! By the time they were over 20 miles from shore, they noticed an uninvited owl friend had decided to join their boat ride.

As soon as they spotted him, one of the young men began to record this unexpected moment on camera. In the video, we can see that the mast isn’t the safest or most stable place for the poor creature to rest. Luckily, this owl managed to land on just the right boat!

@paigegaldieri My brother and his friend were fishing 20+ miles off shore and an owl landed on their boat. He doesnt have tiktok, but i knew tiktok would LOVE this!!! #animalrescue #owls #funnyanimals ♬ Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve

Footage of their rescue mission was shared by Paige Galdieri, a sister of one of the young men on the boat. In the caption of her video she notes that, although her brother doesn’t have TikTok, she’s sharing it because “I knew TikTok would LOVE this!!!”

Lost Owl Finds Safety From Two Friends on a Boat

And right she was — folks are loving this wholesome rescue! Although it’s hard to imagine how these friends managed to get this owl to cooperate, they pull it off somehow because in the next clip, they have the bird wrapped in a blanket.

An owl wrapped in a blanket sits on a humans lap as they ride on a boat.

This sweet owl must be grateful for their rescuers, because they seem to not put up a fight. Instead, they simply rest in the human’s lap, waiting to get back to shore. Once they do, though, this bird is ready to fly back home!

“Free bird!” the friends scream as their feathered friend flies away, later captioning the video, “Bye buddy.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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