This Innovative Bracelet Inspired An Entire Country To Step Up And Save Lives

A row of innovative Donor Cable bracelets that sav lives.

Azerbaijan has the highest number of thalassemic births in the world. What is thalassemia, you ask? It’s a blood disorder that causes its victims to produce less hemoglobin and have fewer red blood cells than normal, resulting in mild to severe anemia. People who have thalassemia need regular blood transfusions to maintain the proper levels of red blood cells and iron. In Azerbaijan, this is a major issue because the incoming blood flow from donors can’t keep up with the steady demand from everyone suffering from thalassemia.


To address this problem, Nar Mobile, in partnership with Y&R Moscow, launched the Donor Cable project with the goal of educating the public about this issue, along with increasing amount of blood donations.

The Donor Cable connects two smart phones and allows the transfer of energy from one to the other. But the true purpose is to educate its users about the importance of donating blood to save lives. The inside of each bracelet reads, “Donate energy to save a phone and donate blood to save a life.” A simple reminder with a significant impact.

The campaign was a great success, increasing the donation blood flow for the entire country of Azerbaijan by 335%!

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