Pomeranian Becomes Guide Dog For Blind Husky, Their Adventures Together Will Melt Your Heart.

Hoshi the American Eskimo Dog calls a fluffy little Pomeranian named Zen his best friend. But Zen is more than that, he is Hoshi’s eyes. When Hoshi was 11 years old, both of his eyes were removed due to glaucoma, leaving him completely blind. Zen, who had only been adopted into Hoshi’s family 6 months prior to the surgery, quickly stepped up to serve as his guide. Now the two are inseparable.


“My name is Hoshi and I am an active blind dog.” reads the caption on the photo below, “My guiding light is Zen. We rescued him from a local shelter about 6 months before my surgery. He was with me throughout my journey to recovery and he continues to play a big role in my life.”

“Together we love to explore the great outdoors. While I may not be able to see, I can still feel the trail under my paws, the wind around my fur, and Zen’s leading tug on my harness. When we stop to take pictures, I know we reached something beautiful.”

“We strive to live an unforgettable, adventurous life. We may be senior dogs but we’re still pups at â¤ï¸. As the great Muhammad Ali said, ‘”Don’t count the days…make the days count.”

What an adorable pair!

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