Formerly Blind Dog Wiggles With Joy When She Sees Owners For First Time.

When volunteers with the West Coast Cocker Rescue group found a little black Cocker Spaniel named Olive, she was wandering the streets of Los Angeles almost completely blind. Severe cataracts had clouded her vision so thoroughly that she could barely see the sidewalk in front of her. But her rescue is just the start of this Cinderella story. The group flew her to Vancouver, where her future owners, Holly and Bart Emmerson, were already eagerly awaiting her arrival. They’d worked with the group to raise the necessary funds – about $5,000 – for surgery to remove the cataracts and couldn’t wait for her to have a big look-see at her new surroundings. “They didn’t want us to adopt her until after the surgery so we kind of knew what we were getting into with her,” Holly said. “But we were on board from the beginning.” Holly was just a big bundle of nerves as they walked toward the vet's office, her voice filled with both excitement and anxiety. But after it’s all done (and Olive has acquiesced to the dreadful cone of shame), Olive is led around the corner and can barely contain her excitement at seeing her family for the very first time! “When she saw us for the first time it was the cutest thing ever and I just started bawling,” Bart recalled. But more surprises awaited Olive when she walked out the doors and into the sunny parking lot. “When we took her out for a walk the first time, she wouldn’t go anywhere. She would just, like, stop and stare and watch the cars and the people and the bikes,” Holly recalled. But it didn’t take long for this much-loved pooch to get used to all her new world. She spent weeks soaking in everything in sight, from waves crashing on the beach … … to little white flowers popping up among thick, lush grass … … and focusing intently on little, stuffed animals dangling overhead. Check out the moment Olive first sees her mom and dad in the video below, and share!

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