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gracie chambers

7-Yr-Old Asks For Coloring Books For Birthday So She Can Donate Them To Sick Kids.

For Gracie Chambers’ seventh birthday, she only wanted two things — or, rather, a lot of two things: coloring books and crayons. But they weren’t for her.

While the little Texan loves coloring, she had something much sweeter planned for the gifts. You see, Gracie really cares about other people, and as such, wanted to take advantage of her birthday to brighten sick children’s days. “It makes me happy, and I wanted to make other kids feel happy, too,” she said.

gracie coloring books

“We were driving in the car and all of the sudden she says, ‘I know I don’t need any more toys, but I want to invite my friends over and tell them to give me toys so I can give them to children in the hospital,'” Gracie’s mom Tara recalled. “I was pretty surprised at how she planned it out.”

After talking it over with her mom, Gracie decided coloring books would be the most fun for young patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center. So that’s what she asked for when she turned 7 years old. Tara spread the word on Facebook, asking for coloring book and crayon donations that would be given to the hospital.

tara facebook post

Shortly after Tara shared the birthday girl‘s request, packages upon packages began piling up at the Chambers family door. Soon, Gracie had more boxes of crayons and coloring books than she knew what to do with. But she couldn’t have been happier with the result.

gracie coloring books

By the time they stopped collecting donations, Tara and Gracie had over 600 coloring books, exceeding their goal of 100 by more than six times. And they couldn’t have come at a better time — the day Gracie and Tara delivered the books and crayons, the hospital asked the public for donations!

But Gracie isn’t anywhere near done with her philanthropic pursuits. Next year, she’s recruiting her brother and sister, who saw their big sister’s kind example and wanted to join in. When that time comes, they hope to donate 700 books.

chambers family

“That’s what it is all about — starting a trend and then letting everybody else follow your trend of kindness,” Tara said. “She has a heart of gold, and I hope that no one ever dims her light. I hope that she can stay true to herself.”

gracie coloring books

This little girl’s parents raised her right! Gracie said she won’t stop her good deeds until she’s 100 years old, and we believe her. Just imagine how many lives she’ll impact on her path to helping others.

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