Rescuer Noticed Small Chihuahua Dying Behind Cage, Then Something Incredible Happened And A Lifelong Bond Was Formed.

In the United States, there are over 13,600 animal shelters. In that, about 3.9 million dogs are rescued and taken in each year. And out of that total, nearly 2.7 million dogs have to be put down either because of illnesses or they are completely full and usually over capacity.


One of the most amazing shelters is the The Humane Society of the United States. And for Adam Parascandola, who’s a part of the animal rescue team, one specific rescue was inexplicably special.

During a raid of a puppy mill (an inhumane place that breeds dogs in unacceptable conditions) Adam’s team walked into a horrific sight, but sadly one that they’ve many times. However, when he saw a skeletal Chihuaha named Billy, withering away in a cage and missing nearly half of his lower jaw, “at that moment [he] felt responsible for him.”

Their story is beautiful, watch below.

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