Bill Gates Is Drinking Water That Used To Be Poop. This Innovation Could Change The World.

Bill Gates drinking freshly processed water from a Janicki Omniprocessor

The Janicki Omniprocessor is a one-stop-shop piece of machinery. It takes human waste, denoted as “sewer sludge” in the picture below, and processes it into clean drinking water, electricity and non-toxic ash. The amount of electricity produced as a byproduct of burning the waste is enough to power this whole process and then some. Basically, the machine is self-sustaining.


The implications of this machine are tremendous for developing countries. According to Bill Gate’s own research, some 700,000 children die from poor sanitation and contaminated water sources each year. Most sewage in places without modern infrastructure and technology ends up dumped in rivers or buried in the countryside.


The Janicki Omniprocessor in action, as sponsored by Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation
Image via Youtube

With the Janicki Omniprocessor, however, all the waste is safely incinerated and produces enough energy to power itself and produce clean drinking water as a byproduct. According to Gates, “the next-generation processor, more advanced than the one [he] saw, will handle waste from 100,000 people, producing up to 86,000 liters of potable water a day and a net 250 kw of electricity.”

You can learn more about the Janicki Omniprocessor from Bill Gates blog.


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