Stranger Volunteers To Escort Daughter of Fallen Soldier To Her First Dance.

Little Cayleigh Hinton was in a tough situation. Her father, Sgt. Terrence Hinton, was killed in a military training accident in Hawaii last year, just after she celebrated her fifth birthday. Her mom, Jillian, didn’t want her daughter to miss out on her first father-daughter dance, so she put out a call last month to the National Guard.

First Sgt. Joseph Bierbrodt, a first sergeant with the Illinois Army National Guard’s 933rd Military Police Company, answered the call and went all out to ensure it was a night this adorable little girl would always remember.

He didn’t even know the family!


When he was asked why he responded he said that if the situation were reversed, he’d want someone to do the exact same thing for his own daughters.

So he arrived with a bouquet of flowers, a small teddy bear, and a 6-foot-tall, stuffed dog that he’d won for his own daughters at a theme park years earlier.


“I consider it a huge honor to be able to do this. We never forget the ones who have left or leave their families unattended.”

He and Cayleigh arrived in a limousine, which was escorted by the Patriot Guard and members of local police and fire departments. She spent most of the night dancing away with Sgt. Bierbrodt’s – often standing atop his shiny shoes – but saved some dances for her other escorts as well.


It truly was a night to remember, and even though her own daddy couldn’t be there to dance with her, she knows he’s “definitely here in spirit,” her mom said.


“I heard Cayleigh talking to him when she was getting ready and I have no doubt that she has him with her tonight,” she added.


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