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The 2 Unexpected Things You Can Do To Improve All Your Relationships.

The two best things you can do to improve all your relationships (including work ones) are:

1. Do your best, and, 2. Know your worth.


See, if you’re not doing your best and someone criticizes you, you’ll feel like you have to change in order to make them happy. You’ll feel guilt for the past and then will feel that you’re not as good as they are which will cause you to feel resentment towards them because you’ll feel judged and inferior.

Knowing your worth is just as important because if you’re only doing your best without knowing your worth, then when someone criticizes you, you’ll feel despair because you’re already doing your best and there’s nothing more you can do.


When you are doing your best and you know your worth and the value you bring to this relationship, if you’re criticized, you’ll be able to assert yourself comfortably and if the criticism continues or gets worse, you’ll be able to see that this relationship isn’t right for you.

It doesn’t mean you’ll become close-minded or arrogant. It means you’ll remain confident and you’ll be accepting of what is instead of trying to change in order to make it what you’re looking for. Your best may not be appreciated here and your value may not be recognized, and if that’s the case then it’s time to go where you are valued, accepted, and loved as you are.

This story originally appeared on The HIYLife

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