Mother Of 4 Died Of Brain Cancer, So Her Best Friend Had To Fulfill This Heart-Wrenching Promise.

Laura Ruffino with her 4 little girls

The bond between best friends is irreplaceable. And accepting that person into your life in a significant way sometimes means making serious and unbreakable promises.

For Laura Ruffino and Elizabeth Diamond, following through with one particular promise was contingent on something devastating.


Image via Facebook

When Diamond, a mother of four, learned she had stage-4 brain cancer she knew her best friend needed to be the one to watch over her kids once she passed.

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“If anything ever happens to me I want you to take my girls,’ and I instantly said okay,” Diamond told ABC15.


Image via Facebook

The life-long best friends met in the 5th grade at a small Christian school in Buffalo, New York and have gone through many obstacles together… but this would undoubtedly be the hardest of all. When it came time to follow through with the promise, Ruffino didn’t even hesitate.

As she told Good Morning America, “I would always want someone to do that for me. Her kids and I were so close anyway, because she was my best friend. I wanted to give her peace. I can’t even imagine what she had to be going through.”

When Diamond sadly succumbed to her illness in April, her best friend’s family instantly doubled in size. Laura took in her four girls – ages 5, 7, 8 and 12 – in addition to her own two girls – ages 12 and 13.


Image via Facebook

Though this isn’t the way anyone thought their lives would turn out, the entire (new) family is happy and filled with love… but they still miss Laura, a mother and friend, dearly.

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