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Bee Charmer’s Hack For “Herding” Bees Has Millions Mesmerized.

We brought you a story not too long ago about that famous Super Bowl commercial of cowboys herding cats. Herding a swarm of bees is a whole other ball of wax, but, as it turns out, it’s much easier!

A massive swarm of bees was discovered on a residential street near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, last month, so a local bee charmer was called out to capture and relocate them. Which sounds like a risky proposition to say the least, because… well, bees. The key was to isolate the queen bee, and the worker bees would follow. He just had to find the one wearing the little crown.

bee specialist

Okay, it wasn’t quite that simple, but clearly this guy knows his bees, because it takes him all of a millisecond to find her.

“There she is,” he says, reaching down and plucking the queen off the sidewalk. How he manages to avoid getting the life stung out of him remains a mystery.

finding queen bee

“They all look the same,” an off-camera voice says in wonder. “Look at that!”

This guy’s obviously been on the job for a while and knows what to look for: Queen bees are longer and narrower than their working brethren. And worker bees’ abdomen is blunt, while the queen’s is pointed.

queen bee

Next, he puts the queen inside a cardboard box and cuts out a hole, then sets it on the ground so the rest of the hive can get a good whiff of all the distress pheromones she’s sending out.

bees going in box

It’s like watching a receding wave: Seconds later, the bees start flowing off the curb and moving toward the entrance, answering the call to save their queen!

The video was taken by Stephen Repasky, owner of Bee Control Pittsburgh, and the Ohio Township Police Department posted it on its Facebook page, leading to millions of views in just the last few weeks.

Watching these worker bees swarm around their queen is completely mesmerizing, so check it out in the clip below and share to spread amazement!

Swarm of Bees in Ben Avon

Check out this video. A swarm of bees were located on Walnut Road in Ben Avon. A specialist was called out to relocate the swarm. Once he arrived, he immediately found and captured the queen. The queen was placed inside a box which was set beside the swarm. The queen bee emits a pheromone which attracts the worker bees. Watch as they all start pouring in the box after her.Thank you to Stephen Repasky from Bee Control Pittsburgh.

Posted by Ohio Township Police Department on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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