Air Force Veteran Nurse Says Goodbye To Terminal Patient With Tender Serenade.

“You’re standing strong and tall. You’re the bravest of them all.  If on courage, you must call, then just keep on tryin’, and tryin’, and tryin…'”
US Air Force veteran Stephen frequently sang those lyrics, from the song “Be a Lion” from The Wiz, to his son son to remind him to be brave. Now, as a nurse, he sings the song to his patients to encourage them to fight. Including one very special patient.


Stephen was one of Lidia’s favorite nurses in the facility where she was being treated for terminal cancer. Lidia had become to weak and ill to speak, but her family noticed that when Stephen would sing to her, she was visibly more relaxed and calm.

In a video posted to Facebook, Stephen is seen singing the song about bravery and not giving up to Lidia as she looks at him and nods along with his encouragement. Stephen is holding on to her hand as he sings, rubbing it to provide comfort and love.


The sweet veteran/nurse taps Lidia gently during some of the lyrics, his own way of begging her not to give up. It’s clear the two of them have a bond, particularly because Stephen chokes up and holds back tears multiple times during the song. When he finishes, he tells Lidia,

So I want you to keep on trying. Don’t you ever stop fighting. Hear me?

Stephen then looks at her and says, “I’ll miss you” and Lidia musters the strength to say, “I’ll miss you too.”


Lidia ultimately passed away from the disease while surrounded by loved ones. She fought until the very end, no doubt in part because of the encouragement and love Stephen showed her during her treatment.

Watch the beautiful song and friendship in the video below & share the story with your friends.

Air Force veteran's tender song to elderly patient

When she was too weak to talk, he sang for her from his heart.

Posted by Militarykind Stories on Thursday, February 21, 2019

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