When Father Asks If Disabled Son Can Eat At Pub, Landlord’s Response Is Brilliant.

bar manager pub disabled son

Steph Tate was standing behind the bar at a pub in Sheffield, England, earlier this week when a customer approached — and asked a question that left her completely baffled.

“A man came up to me, asking if his son was allowed in my pub, and all I could think was, ‘Why wouldn’t he be?’” she recalled. The unidentified father explained that his son is disabled and tends to make loud noises and wave his hands, and they’d recently been asked to leave another eatery after customers started complaining.

boy in wheelchair

Steph was aghast and told the man he and his son, and any other parents with disabled children, for that matter, would always be welcome at The Barrel at Chapeltown.

the barrel exterior


But she didn’t stop there. She later recounted the incident on Facebook to let others who also have children with special needs that staff there will do whatever is humanly possible to accommodate them, whether that involves getting extension cords to plug in specialized equipment or rearranging tables and chairs.

steph tate

In the post, Steph wrote, “it broke my heart” to receive such a request from any patron, and she couldn’t get the incident out of her mind for the rest of the day.

the barrel fb post

If you’re sat at home with a disabled child, partner or friend and feel on edge about taking them anywhere due to fear of someone making comments please feel free to bring them here.

In the final sentence of her post, she offered the pièce de résistance: “If I find anyone making negative comments or being disrespectful they will be asked to leave not you.”

the barrel interior

The post has gone viral in the last couple days, and everyone’s cheering for her act of compassion. Hopefully, other establishments will follow suit, if they don’t already have this kind of accepting policy.

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