Lost Track Of Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here Are 4 Ways To Pick Them Up Again!

Now that it’s March, it seems like a good time to check in on your New Year’s resolutions. So… how’s it going?

I know, I know. That’s an unfair question to ask, especially when the past few months have already felt like two decades. But I’m here to tell you that it’s OK if your resolutions aren’t going as planned! It’s never too late to pick them back up — or even sneak in a few late additions.

A new year always brings with it an excitement that causes us to try new things and set new goals. It feels like a totally fresh start with endless possibilities.

Yet, according to a report by Strava, January 19 is the date that most of us end up abandoning our goals.

But now isn’t the time to beat ourselves up or throw our resolutions away. On the contrary, it’s time to turn our goals around and prove to ourselves that a momentary plateau won’t define our whole year!

Here are four practical ways to pick those haven’t-failed-yet resolutions back up.

1. Reshape your perspective.

A failed resolution that stays that way is, in fact, a failure of sorts. But a failed resolution that is picked back up isn’t a failure it all. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your own limits and push yourself even further. Perseverance can only grow if it’s stretched, and following through with a resolution is a great place to start!

As psychotherapist Fiona Hall says, “Not achieving and trying again is what builds resilience in the first place.”

2. Cut yourself some slack.

You’ve already come a long way just by nature of who you are and what you’ve been through. So something like a New Year’s resolution, though admirable, is an area where you’re allowed to give yourself a little leeway.

Give yourself kudos for every little step you do take, no matter how small.

3. Circle in on the growth.

Your goals should be a little lofty — that’s what makes them solid goals. Keeping that in mind, your focus should not constantly be on a far-off destination but rather on the journey to get there.

Remind yourself to notice the beautiful growth in even the baby steps you’ve taken and to find joy in every new checkpoint you reach. You are growing! And before you know it, you’ll look up and be at your finish line.

4. Map out your route.

Give your goals another look and weigh just how practical or achievable they are. Maybe you’re being hard on yourself because you set too distant a goal. A great way to test this out is to plot out realistic steps to get to your goals to make sure you’re ready and equipped to take on this challenge.

Then, make sure your resolutions are truly aligned with your dreams and desires. Don’t set goals just to set them. Set intentions that you are truly passionate and excited about. By doing so, you’ll be ready for success and will make this journey an exhilarating one!

If you’ve already set down your New Year’s resolutions, don’t walk away just yet. Use this as a chance to turn your year back around and remind yourself just how resilient you are.

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