Baby Was Born Without Limbs And Abandoned On Hospital Stoop, But Where He Is Today Is So Inspiring.

Gabe Adams’ life began differently from a great number of people: he was born without arms or legs. Because of his disability, his mother abandoned him at the hospital stoop.

Though a tragic start, his future quickly grew to look brighter as a wonderful couple, Janelle and Ron Adams, found love as soon as they laid eyes on Gabe and heard of his story.

The couple adopted the sweet little boy as soon as they could in order to make their family complete.

His parents made a point of never letting Gabe’s condition keep him from doing anything. And because of their encouragement, he’s begun his journey with a life filled with great memories. In fact, with some help from his older brother, he even joined his 6th grade class on a four-mile hike through the Wasatch Mountains.

Now, at 17-years-old, Gabe is in high school and as active as he could possibly be. His hobby of choice? Dance!

“I got into dancing because I wanted to prove to myself and other people around me that there was more to me than the kid that was in the wheelchair,” he told KSL-TV.

Gabe’s determination and positivity are amazing examples to each of us to keep pushing, no matter what. Watch below and share to spread that very idea!

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