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Adorable Panda Baby Runs Away From Nap Time, But Mama’s Reaction Is So Sweet.

Yuan Yuan and her baby Yuan Zai are Giant Pandas who live in the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. The two adorable animals definitely have a routine set up that involved eating, sleeping and walking around. But for some reason, Yuan Zai isn’t always so keen on settling down for nap time.

But that’s what moms are for, right? To keep their little ones in line, healthy and without sleep-deprivation (that means no crying fits). So Yuan Yuan did the funniest thing to get Yuan Zai back in the room and snuggled up for a nap.

And the moment is too sweet.

The gigantic mamma panda walks up and tenderly bites her little cub.  Pandas, known for their tranquil demeanor are also marked as a distinctly determined animal.  They are calm, but set on their task at hand.  And we can see that in this video: a cub determined to escape and a mom determined to bring her back!

My favorite moment: at 2:40 when the mom tries multiple times to pick up her baby. It’s such a soft and caring display!

Watch below to see this panda mother in action and share to spread some smiles!

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