Sweetest Nurse Does “Magic Tricks” To Distract Little Boy From Getting Shots.

nurse magic tricks

Every parent knows the anxiety of taking your kids to the doctor for shots. As soon as those syringes come out, many little ones start crying before they even feel the first prick of a needle!

During the first few years of children’s lives, it seems like we’re constantly taking them in to be examined by a physician for “well child” visits. Most of those appointments include a vaccination or two, which means no matter how kind the doctor and their staff may be, kids are going to dread going. Yet sometimes, the nurses who give the shots are so skilled at the power of distraction that they manage to send kids home happy.

Tiffany Shelby Marshall of Largo, Florida, ran into an awesome nurse like this at a recent doctor visit with her adorable grandson, Dimitri.


Dimitri recently turned four, so he went with his grandmother to his annual doctor visit. He’d been warned that there would be shots involved, so he was definitely dreading the trip. That’s when nurse Miranda stepped in to work a little nursing magic.


Nurse Miranda was determined to distract little Dimitri from that big bad needle.

“Sit right here; I’m going to show you a magic trick,” she told him. The little boy watched spellbound as she took blood from his finger… he was so amazed that he didn’t even feel the prick! His little face lit up like a Christmas tree when he realized he hadn’t shed a single tear.


“I didn’t cry,” Dimitri exclaimed. He seemed as shocked as his grandmother, and he was already dreaming about how he’d spend the $5 that he’d been promised if he got through the visit without any crying. (Hey, nothing wrong with that — we’re not above a little bribery either!)

Little did he know that Miranda was just getting warmed up… Dimitri had three more shots to go, but the nurse had more tricks up her sleeve. She’s truly a pro!


Miranda asked Dimitri for several big, tight hugs, all cleverly designed to distract the little cutie from what was happening to his biceps. He seemed like he’d definitely had enough as she gave him the final shot, but he made it! Not a single tear was shed in the exam room that day, all thanks to this fabulous nurse and her cool “magic” skills.

Nurses are truly amazing people.

Watch the adorable video below, and be sure to share with other parents who have been in these shoes!

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